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Kelvin is a non-invasive AI-powered platform which allows you to daily monitor your body for early and hidden signs of various thermally verifiable diseases.


About Kelvin Health

Kelvin Health JSC is a spin-out highly ambitious company born in line with the COVID unfolding crisis. Imagga, a top image recognition company, joined forces with proven medical researchers and business professionals to address major medical and social challenges that affect millions of people worldwide. Founded with passion and round-the-clock work to solve an unprecedented health crisis, Kelvin Health JSC is designed to become the cornerstone of thermal imaging adoption in various unsolved health-related problems of 21st century.

We believe that thermodinamics, as one of the very few invariables in our bodies, can lead to promising solutions bringing greater impact for better living. Undertaking the high-risk, high-gain approach of developing a cross-field innovation between medical science, thermography and AI, Kelvin Health utilizes the most advanced IT scientific knowledge with the simplicity of thermodynamic laws.

Heart, soul, knowledge and professionalism for better future.


There are so many magical and invisible realities around us and inside us. Our lives are perpetual transfer of energy. The most sacred ingredient of our bodies, our blood, constantly brings nutrition, protection and heat around. In the intangible but pervasive and ever-present world of mathematics there is no single thing in the universe that can’t be described as a complex enough mathematical equation. With project Kelvin we unite these two realities on a mission to protect your and your family’s health by early diagnosis of highly-infectious diseases.
Georgi Kadrev


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bul. Cherni Vrah 47A, floor 4

Sofia 1407, Bulgaria

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