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Pandemic (covid-19) use-case

Kelvin is a non-invasive AI-powered platform which allows you to daily monitor your body for early and hidden signs of various thermally verifiable diseases.


Pandemic (COVID-19) use-case

Kelvin aims to become a unique platform to support health monitoring of thermally verifiable diseases such as Respiratory, Vascular and Oncology. It will work via directly attached thermal-imaging camera to a mobile device (iOS, Android) that will feed image data to a mobile application using medical analysis algorithms.  

Target Groups:

  • Infected patients under home quarantine
  • Not infected but quarantined patients
  • Risk Groups (elderly, chronic cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, diabetes)


  • Alerts 1-3 days before conventionally felt symptoms and prevents premature hospitalization
  • Centralized monitoring system and localization of infection outbreaks

Contact us:

bul. Cherni Vrah 47A, floor 4

Sofia 1407, Bulgaria

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