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Performing a real-time direct analysis of the common picture obtained by a thermal image. Comparing the collected visual and medical information.

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About the Kelvin App

Kelvin will become a unique platform to support health monitoring of thermally verifiable diseases such as Respiratory, Vascular and Oncology. It will work via directly attached thermal-imaging camera to a mobile device (iOS, Android) that feeds image data to a mobile application using medical analysis algorithms.  

Determination of vital periodic changes

in blood/heat body distribution and automated follow-up.

Advanced AI medical algorithm

to maximize the accurate assessment of the individual’s current health state.

Inflammatory progress alerts

based on analysis of personal thermal pictures.


Thermal Images

Kelvin app allows you to take a series of thermal images as per instruction

AI Analysis

Kelvin AI combines advanced ML with state-of-the-art Medical Algorithm


Kelvin App reminds you when you must take another thermal image


Access to detailed information about your current health status


Your GP is able to collect data about your current health status

Personal Alerts

Kelvin App sends alerts to you and your doctor in case of a spotted anomaly

Android and iOS

Use our Kelvin App on both Android and iOS operating system


The app will keep your Data confidentially and will identify you by a unique ID.


Stay informed about problematic anatomic POI changes and their location

24/7 Support

Round-the-clock opportunity to connect with medical experts


Explore the User Interface of the Kelvin Mobile App. We aim to combine Simplicity and Efficiency in everything, we provide to you. With care about your Health!

*The screenshots are symbolic and do not represent the official Kelvin Mobile App*

The Kelvin app will be mainly used to process the images coming from the thermal camera but it will also have some other useful features. The personal data from “image selfies” will be processed by the AI and it will generate report on anomalies/changes in thermal indexes and designated parts (points of interest) of the body. The AI will use specific algorithm to maximize the accuracy of the assessment report. 

Kelvin Health - Mobile App Showcase


*Sofware & Equipment needed – iOS test-flight app & thermal mobile camera.

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Sofia 1407, Bulgaria

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