Kelvin Health Wins Roche’s HealthCare Lab Challenge

Roche’s HealthCare Lab

We are honored to announce that Kelvin Health just won Roche’s HealthCareLab challenge in the Screening and Early Diagnostics track! We are delighted we successfully conveyed our vision of Thermography AI for easy diagnostics in every home. We believe Kelvin Health’s solution will play a big part in saving limbs and lives all over the world.

The HealthCareLab Demo Day was the grand finale of a 3-months intense learning journey together with other fellow startups supported by Roche, EIT Health, and CIVITTA. Huge thanks to the amazing professionals that spent countless hours giving us useful insights about the industry, mentoring us in every possible way, and encouraging us to keep pushing further in this direction. 

All this was made possible thanks to  – countless iterations of our pitch and presentation, hours spent talking to medical professionals and mentors, and sleepless nights spent joyfully bettering our product. Kudos to Georgi Kadrev, our CEO, for the exceptional delivery of our pitch and for the sharp and to-the-point answers to the jury’s questions. 

We would like to extend our thanks to everybody involved in HealthCare Lab’s acceleration program – Roche, EIT Health, and CIVITTA. We believe it’s just the beginning of Kelvin Health’s journey in delivering meaningful innovation in health care, and we are excited about the continuation of these partnerships that will result in this exciting endeavor.

Kelvin Health Wins Roche’s HealthCare Lab Challenge
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