Kelvin Health won BIOME Summit Innovation Challenge Montreal ’21

BIOME Summit Innovation Challenge Montreal '21

We are excited to announce that Kelvin Health won the BIOME Summit Cardiovascular Innovation Challenge Montreal ’21! The prestigious jury selected Kelvin Health as the most innovative project for cardiovascular care.

Our team had to select one of the four challenges of BIOME Summit Innovation Challenge whose mission is to bring change and real results for Canadians at risk for, or suffering from, a cardiovascular disease. Kelvin Health’s mission is strongly resonating with one particular challenge – “How can we bring access to CV care to remote and underserved communities?”. Our aim is exactly that – to provide a method that is accessible, reliable and comfortable and at the same time allows frequent and remote usage.

The black statistics of cardiovascular diseases show that more than 200M people worldwide suffer from peripheral artery disease which may lead to the life-threatening critical limb ischemia. Close to one million of them are Canadians and nine million are Americans. Also, one of four deaths worldwide is caused by thromboembolic complications.

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At Kelvin Health we use a mobile thermal imaging camera that captures the heat of the body, then segment the thermal image and apply artificial intelligence to detect anomalies related to cardiovascular diseases. This approach is non-invasive, widely accessible, portable and allows frequent and remote application, while causing minimal financial and logistical discomfort.

The committee was deeply impressed by the comparison between angiography and the thermogram captured and enhanced with Kelvin Health’s application on patients with critical limb ischemia, and this particular case where arteries are blocked at the knee level on both legs, which turns the lower part of each leg much colder:

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The successful integration of Kelvin Health would help for better resource allocation in the healthcare system, specially for remote and underserved communities. Kelvin Health’s affordable and accessible screening will eventually result in healthier patients in any region thanks to better access to diagnostic tools and also lead to cost savings for payers due to the earlier detection of problems and prevention of complications.

Since the inception of Kelvin Health in March 2020 we have been permanently dedicated to building intelligent supportive tools for screening and monitoring of various abnormalities and inflammation processes that are directly or indirectly visible with the help of thermography and proprietary AI technology. Some of the conditions we are currently researching are breast cancer, cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases.

We believe our successful participation in BIOME Summit Innovation Challenge will help us to achieve our mission to bring affordable screening and monitoring methods to remote and underserved communities in not only in Canada, but also globally!

Kelvin Health won BIOME Summit Innovation Challenge Montreal ’21
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