World-renowned doctors join Kelvin Health’s mission for better healthcare

World-renowned doctors join Kelvin Health’s mission for better healthcare

Happy to announce that we are joining forces with Prof. Ivo Petrov and Dr. Zoran Stankov from Acibadem City Clinic in our goal to build a precise and accessible tool for early screening and detection of social diseases.

We combine deep knowledge of technology and their medical expertise to develop a precise solution for daily monitoring. Our vision for the future is our product to be used both by doctors in the hospital and ordinary people at home. Kelvin Health uses a mobile thermal imaging camera that captures body’s heat, segments the thermal image, and applies artificial intelligence to detect anomalies related to vascular conditions. To do that we strongly rely on Prof. Petrov and Dr. Stankov’s rich experience in the field to be used for medical proof for our product. 

Prof. Ivo Petrov, who joins our team as a medical director, is a world-renowned professionalist with a solid background in dealing with vascular diseases. He is a specialist in four fields – cardiology, internal medicine, invasive cardiology and angiology, as well as a lecturer and an author of over 100 science publications in bulgarian and foreign editions. 

His professional path started in 1992 in UMBAL St. Ekaterina. Until 2006 he worked on several positions such as volunteer associate, assistant, senior and chief assistant in the Cardiology Department. After that, prof. Petrov was invited to be the head of the Cardiology Clinic of Tokuda Hospital. In 2012 he became one of the founders of City Clinic, where he leads the cardiology and angiology team and he is also a medical director, as well. His professional achievements have contributed a lot to the healthcare industry. Some of them are: 

  • He is the first invasive cardiologist in the world who did an endoprosthesis implant in a child with aortic dissection; 
  • Also he pioneered the implantation of bifurcation stents in complex pathology of the arteries of the heart and much more.
  • Performed the first MitraChimp implantation operation for an 83-years old patient with mitral insufficiency

Dr. Zoran Stankov is an invasive cardiologist and angiologist. He has graduated with a master degree from the Medical University in Sofia and specialization in the field of cardiology and angiology. Dr. Zoran Stankov passed trainings in Japan, better clinical practices courses and he is also a lecturer on a number of professional seminars such as Balkan Endovascular course /BEC/, Acute Stroke Interventions and Carotid Stenting /ICCA Stroke/ and much more.

He started as a cardiologist in Tokuda Hospital. He was in this position for 3 years. After that, since 2012 he has been the head of the Department of Invasive Cardiology at Acibadem City Clinic UMBAL in prof. Ivo Petrov’s team.

We are beyond grateful to work with such great specialists and human beings and we are looking forward to developing Kelvin Health even more together! 

World-renowned doctors join Kelvin Health’s mission for better healthcare
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