About Kelvin.

About Kelvin.

There are so many magical and invisible realities around us, and inside us. Our lives are perpetual transfer of energy. The most sacred ingredient of our bodies, our blood, constantly brings nutrition, protection and heat around. In the intangible but pervasive and ever-present world of mathematics there is no single thing in the universe that can’t be described as a complex enough mathematical equation. With Project Kelvin we unite those two realities on a mission to protect your and your family’s health by early diagnosis of highly-infectious diseases.

Join us to make the world much healthier place.

Kelvin 2020
About the Kelvin Project.
Development of a tool for monitoring and control of infectious diseases with epidemic / pandemic risk.

The project consists in the direct attachment of a thermal-imaging / thermography camera to a mobile device (iOS, Android) that corresponds with a mobile application (Software), allowing early diagnosis of individuals, analysis of a personal thermal picture and determination of periodic changes in it. Using a specialized algorithm to maximize the accurate assessment of the individual’s current state, respiratory system activity, and determine the likelihood of a viral infection.

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About Kelvin.
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