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Kelvin is a non-invasive AI-powered platform which allows you to daily monitor your body for early and hidden signs of various thermally verifiable diseases.


About the Kelvin Team

Kelvin Health is backed by a multidisciplinary team of specialists with extensive experience in thermal cameras and optics, image recognition and bioimaging, respiratory infections and system diseases, Big Data and AI/ML analysis, mobile applications development, UI and UX.

Core Team

Georgi Kadrev


Dr. Nevena Dimitrova

Medical Research

Dr. Alex Simidchiev

Medical Strategy

Georgi Kostadinov

AI Tech Lead

Georgi Mutafchiev

UX/UI & Marketing

Tania Rainova

Public Relations

Evgeny Kosev

Biz Dev EU

Chris Georgiev

Biz Dev Asia

Pavel Andreev

Product Design

Team Members

Petko Ditchev

Sr. AI Researcher

Mihail Mladenov

Data Scientist

Ina Toncheva


Alex Dimitrov

Software Lead

Emil Dimitrov

Software Dev

Contact us:

bul. Cherni Vrah 47A, floor 4

Sofia 1407, Bulgaria

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