Kelvin Health Won in the Global Initiative Breaking Barriers Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) Challenge by Novartis Oncology

Our body is killing us by constantly hiding symptoms until it’s too late.

Kelvin Health changes that by providing a widely accessible intelligent tool that uncovers hidden anomalies in the human body. 


Revolution in thermal imaging for medical purposes

Kelvin aims to turn any smartphone with thermal camera attached into a powerful device that analyzes temperature changes in your body. Using state of the art AI-driven medical algorithms it will detect and alert for possible infection processes before any sensible physical symptoms.

Safely monitor your health condition with a few easy steps, from the comfort of your own home – no risk, no radiation, no hospitals.

Attach a high-precision thermal camera to take thermal images and track your status within a suggested schedule for best results.

Real-time AI analysis based on medical algorithm for blood (heat) distribution and pre-defined anatomic points of interest in your body.

Turn your smartphone into an intelligent off-the-shelf mobile health monitoring assistant

Kelvin - Mobile App Screen 3

Capture thermal images and let our core AI detect anomalies in your blood distribution. Conduct daily monitoring with Kelvin for on-time results and peace of mind. 

Kelvin will be available both on iOS and Android devices. 

Kelvin - Mobile App Screen 3

Contact us:


bul. Cherni Vrah 47A, floor 4

Sofia 1407, Bulgaria

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